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Dear Skyyler,
Jack Skyyler
Jack Skyyler

Producer, Director, Writer...

Visual Effects Artist, Audio Master (mixing, cleaning, & restoration), Editor, Composer,..
Links:IMDB, LinkedIn, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter
Materials:Directorial Reel, Visual Effects Reel, & Resume
Recommended Videos:Skookum: Hunt for Bigfoot (Trailer), Ghostship Chronicles: Origin (Trailer), Heart of Faith (Teaser), Infested Ship (Full Short), & Death of Love (Trailer)
Awards:Silver REMI (Houston WorldFest), Best New Director, Best Director (Downbeach Film Festival), Best Short Horror (Downbeach Film Festival), Best Horror Director (Downbeach Film Festival), & Best Feature Comedy (Atlantic City Cinefest)
Nominations:Best Feature Film, Best Writer (Downbeach Film Festival), & Best Short Romance (Atlantic City Cinefest)
Founder of:Dear Skyyler Productions & Buz Clean
Best New DirectorBest DirectorREMIBest Short HorrorBest Feature ComedyBest Short Horror Director